COYOTE, the new PCP rifle from the Spanish brand GAMO

December 17, 2018 Rifles, Coyote


COYOTE 2The COYOTE arrives on the market for PCP (pre-compressed air) rifles as GAMO’s new warhorse. With this new launch of the COYOTE model, the GAMO brand presents to the world an ‘entry level’ PCP rifle, with which will conquer the base of the pyramid of consumers, where  price is a very decisive factor. In the COYOTE, GAMO is offering a multi-shot PCP rifle with the quality and design that are typical of GAMO, but at one of the most competitive prices, a fact which will place it within reach of many people’s wallets.

The COYOTE has a multi-shot mechanism, actioned by the classic bolt system, which acts on a removable magazine with capacity for 10 pellets. On the mechanism’s case there is a 11mm-long rail for the installation of optical elements. In this model the PCP pre-compressed air reservoir is fixed, is integrated into the rifle itself, but it does not lack refinements, because in the end part of the reservoir we find a manometer which shows the state of loading of our weapon. To charge it, we take off a little cover and proceed using a special 1/8 loading probe.

Deep in the innards of the Gamo COYOTE we find one of its best secrets: the new, efficient and lightened self-regulating valve system, with which very consistent power delivery is achieved, something which improves this rifle’s performance. The barrel, is an authentic engineering masterpiece, cold hammer forged, thanks to which this rifle has admirable precision. This is because of its cold-hammered barrel of match quality, with choke and crowned, with, at its end, a 1⁄2 UNI thread on which is fixed an attractively-designed muzzle deflector, for which a silencer can be substituted. The COYOTE has an ambidextrous butt made of beechwood style hunter with water-based varnish and finished with rubber edging. The ‘Smooth Action Trigger’ is very precise and has two adjustable timings.


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