Gamo’s success is not only based on product excellence, as leaders we want to innovate and set a precedent with every product we manufacture. We consintenly positioned ourselves at the forefront of innovation, thus, The Gamo Innovation Centre has become one of our core strengths and has cemented the position of Gamo as pioneers. Through continuosly upgrading and developing products carrying on unique technologies, we offer the highest quality in the market, providing tangible benefits for End-Users.



BSA hunting field target international championship 2017

BSA’s Hunting Field Target International Championships will be held at Maldon, England, on 24th and 25th June 2017. BSA, with the WHFTO and Gamo, will organize a Hunting Field Target International Championship that will be held at Maldon on 24th and 25th June 2017. Although the competition starts on 24th, the club will be open on […]


Play on your smartphone or your tablet. It is completely free, and no ads. You have 3 GAMO airgun rifles to reach the challenge. 4 scenarios to overcome: ACCURACY, VELOCITY,PERFECTION and SHOOTING REFLEXES. Two levelswithin each scenario. Moving, paper and plinking targets are waitingfor you… With or without scope, you choose!… and discover the GAMO Novelties Enjoy […]

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