Gamo's Chacal, the smart option for PCP

October 14, 2019

Chacal, Gamo's most compact PCP.

If you are planning to buy a PCP, the Gamo Chacal is a winning bet. Do not be fooled by its compact size, all its components are of the highest quality. A cold-hammer forged barrel provides maximum accuracy, and Gamo's CAT adjustable trigger allows greater control on each shot. The Whisper technology, present in the muffler, makes the Chacal a truly silent rifle despite its power of 29 joules. In the other hand, talking about aesthetics, the "Ergogamo" synthetic stock, the most ergonomic of all, offers a breaker design and allows a comfortable position of the shooter when it comes to aiming. All this makes Chacal a very smart option, since it offers a spectacular performance from the first day.

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