Replay-10 Maxxim has arrived

October 14, 2019

Finally, the Replay-10, which will revolutionize the world of compressed air "break barrel" rifles, comes to light.

The new Replay-10 Maxxim is the first "break barrel" capable of shooting 10 times in a row without having to recharge a single ball. The 10X Quick-Shot technology and its 10-barrel loader system integrated into the barrel make the Replay-10 Maxxim the quickest "break barrel" rifle. Therefore, it is ideal for both time trials and shooting for simple pleasure. Its head, to which the technology of reduction of the recoil SWA has been added, is completely new and designed especially for the occasion and gives that charismatic personality that every leader needs.

The new Replay-10 incorporates the Whisper Maxxim muffler system to make each of your shots firmer and more controlled. With the same goal has been incorporated the technology of trigger Custom Action Trigger, with which you can adjust the phases 1 and 2 of the trigger independently for greater control of the shot and increase the accuracy of the shot. The Replay-10 Maxxim includes a 4x32 visor with high mounts and the RRR Reducing Reverse Strip that give the finishing touch for perfect harmony between speed, power, precision and control.

Concentrate only on the target, forget everything else.

The new Replay-10 Maxxim, by Gamo.


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