The Delta Fox GT Whisper, a new airgun affordable for anyone

January 20, 2018 Rifles


This airgun from GAMO, the Delta Fox GT Whisper model, hit the 2013 market with two major selling points: its very competitive price and the best of the GAMO technology, an airgun available in calibre 4.5 mm (.177).

The design of its new butt evokes models of the Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) brand as legendary as the Gamo 68, or the later Gamo 85, both very popular models a few years ago that shared in their design the pistol-type grip. Nowadays, the Delta Fox GT has a verysimilar look, and the ergonomics when shooting are much more natural, which facilitates a better view when aiming, even in situations of extreme stress. It consists of a synthetic ambidextrous butt in which the pistol joins the rear part of the butt, which provides an attractive appearance.

An airgun ideal for the youngest members of the family to get started in the exciting world of compressed air. Its small size together with a weight of 2.1 kg make it the best choice within the teens market, at an affordable price for anyone.

The Delta Fox GT Whisper exploits all the experience and technology of GAMO, a world-leading brand in the compressed air market, to incorporate a Whisper sound moderator in its barrel, a technology from GAMO that compresses the sound and prevents its expansion to reduce it by up to 33% compared with a standard model, thereby allowing you to make the most of your shooting sessions in a more discreet way.

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