Gamo Brand: More than an airgun.

Since its foundation, Gamo outdoors has sought to strengthen its relationship with the customer through the design, development and marketing of unique of carbines, pistols and accessories.  Our products are though, designed, prototyped and developed in our laboratories en Barcelona, Spain.



Best-selling airgun brand in the world.

We have always been a quality reference in the airgun sector. Before launching any new air rifle into the market, Gamo tests them by dry firing each rifle 100,000 times. Once the product is launched and being manufactured, 2 out of every 1,000 rifles assembled are tested again with 10,000 dry fire shots. In addition to that, all of our manufactured air rifles are checked part by part and each airgun is shot and tested by a robot to assure the power, grouping and velocity required by our exhaustive quality control standards.



Gamo DNA: It’s in the genes

Our DNA is our essence, the aftermath of all we have dreamed and worked for. We have been producing our own barrels, rifling, triggers, receiver tubes, welding, grinding, bluing, and assembly in Barcelona for over 60 years, which has lead us to an overlying quality and compromise level.



Gamo Replay-10 Maxxim: Others call it Future

Excellence has always been our mission. Gamo is nowadays one of the most progressive and innovative air rifle manufacturers in the world, a position that we will work hard to keep. Gamo’s Replay-10 Maxxim is just the first project of our novelties portfolio.