WHISPER IGT air rifle. Ergonomics, design and technology

December 17, 2018 Rifles
When you come across the Whisper IGT in our complete GAMO catalogue, you’ll see it is one of the most revolutionary models found there or anywhere. 
The Spanish brand GAMO, based in Sant Boi de Llobregat just outside Barcelona, already offers an extensive range of air guns and pistols designs to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers anywhere. 
Innovation and technology are the leading edge of GAMO’s efforts to continue as market leader in the compressed air gun market, and is an example of how far the leading manufacturer can go to combine market leadership, quality and innovation.
 The WHISPER IGT reflects a rifle that it is spectacularly designed and stands head and shoulders above the rest. 
At a mere glance, the effort of the R&D&I department in producing a stylish and efficient product is evident, with a synthetic rifle butt that is beautiful and practical, serving both left handed and right handed users with equal efficiency. It is beautiful because of its artistic shape, as seen in its ridges and edges, with bored spaces incorporated in its thumbhole ergonomic design in such a way as to make it not only a practical but an optimal hold for both left handed and right handed shooters as well as ambidextrous ones. 
The thumbhole design of the Whisper IGT also assures maximum control of the trigger, a key element for shooters. But this is not all; users will soon be delighted that the ergonomics of the design allow an easier and more natural sighting by the user, to align the sights more rapidly providing the user with the maximum confidence for accuracy. 
The WHISPER IGT is the perfect symbiosis of GAMO’s leading-edge technology. In its core we’ll discover a new pneumatic charging system, which is an inert gas piston that substitutes the classic spring loader, thanks to the innovative IGT (Inert Gas Technology) System. We’ll enjoy greater regularity in repetitive pellet firing, appreciating the greater reduction in vibration which also reduces pellet dispersion and thus provides even more accuracy. 
Due to the IGT System’s easy loading process, it requires less effort and is smoother and more constant, given that you don’t encounter any of the typical resistance and friction you would from the standard spring-loading mechanism. The spring, simply put, is not there. 
The technological innovation not only encompasses elegance, practicality of loading, ambidextrous shooting capacity and an easy, spring-free loading process for the compressed air cartridge, it also reaches the shooting process itself, giving the user maximum control at the moment of completing the shot. 
This leads us to explain another innovative design, which is so good that the SAT trigger is being progressively incorporated into the entire GAMO range. It is a two-stage shooting process, with a very well-defined and soft first stage and a second firing stage that is clean, smooth and precise. 
Moreover, this folding- barrel rifle offers yet another technological advantage in that it is designed to emphasise silence when shooting. This is the result of GAMO’s policy of responding to its customer’s demands and suggestions. At the muzzle barrel there’s the built-in and encased GAMO WHISPER ND5 Technology noise moderating system. Composed of a number of polymer chambers which act as sound absorbing elements, they reduce firing noise by up to 52% over a standard air rifle. 
To sum up, the GAMO WHISPER IGT is a compressed air rifle that is efficient and precise, which features the IGT design technology and innovative noise moderating system WHISPER ND5 Technology at the tip of the barrel. It is offered in two calibres, 4,5mm (.177) and 5.5mm (.22) with a 24 J (foot-pound) power. This is an ideal rifle to enjoy during your outdoor leisure time.

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