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5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Airguns

5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Airguns

Gamo manufactures airguns and air rifles with the goal that these, in addition to having excellent quality, last as long as possible. One of the main objectives of the company is that its products accompany its customers for generations, forming part of the family tradition. This is how this brand has been entering homes around the world for more than 60 years with the aim of providing enjoyment through sport shooting and entertainment.

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What is the optimal maintenance for an airgun?

We asked our experts to help us compile a list of what they consider to be the ideal airgun maintenance. We’ve put together an exclusive list of steps you should follow to make your guns last longer and always have them ready to go when you’re ready to shoot.

1. Clean airguns regularly

It is not necessary to clean your guns every time they are put away after use, unless they are used in the rain or in very humid environments. It is never a bad idea to clean your airguns, as it can help to remove residues, dust, dirt or debris that remain after a series of shots that can affect both the components and their performance in the long term.

For the external part, a soft, dry cloth is recommended. There is no need to use chemicals on the outside, simply wiping the outside with a cloth you have at home will keep it nice and clean. Although if it has been stained or has remains of dirt or mud, it is recommended to pass a wet cloth on those areas and then pass the soft and dry cloth to get it ready.

For the inside of the airgun, it is advisable to use a specific cleaning kit for airguns, which should contain drumsticks so that the entire length of the barrel can be cleaned with the help of cotton swabs adapted to the caliber of the gun. Here are some examples that can be very useful for this cleaning:

5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Airguns

Eva Cleaning Kit


Cleaning Rod Clampack


Cleaning cotton pellets

2. Lubricate the articulated parts of your airguns

This is probably the most important tip on this list. All airguns have moving parts that, by pure physics, produce constant wear on the gun and, consequently, on its performance in the long term.

Although each gun is different, it is advisable to check the exploded view or the manual of the gun to know all these moving parts and be able to apply the appropriate oil. In Gamo we have the Oil Bottle that is suitable for practically all our airguns.

With a few drops applied on the barrel joint after performing the relevant movement, it will help you to significantly extend the life of your airgun and maintain a constant performance over time.


gun oil

3. Store the guns in the right place

Airguns, despite being of the highest quality and very resistant, are not made to be constantly in adverse atmospheric circumstances. For example, if you leave them in a place with temperature contrasts, humidity or direct sunlight all day long, they will deteriorate gradually.

When your airgun is not in use, it is best to store it somewhere in the house that is clean and dry, away from humidity and exposure to extreme temperatures. It is advisable to store it in a suitable cover or case so that it is protected from external adversities and also from possible knocks and/or scratches.

It is also important that the weapon rests unloaded. In other words, without preloaded air and without pellets inside. To unload it, simply fire it dry, but be careful that nothing is left inside. Shoot at the ground or at an area that cannot be damaged.

Here are some of our best holsters that will serve to protect your airguns properly:

5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Airguns

gun cover w/ scope 120cm

5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Airguns

arrow gun cover w/scope


luxe gun cover 125cm

4. There is no better ammunition than the best ammunition

There is no better ammunition than the best ammunition.
At Gamo we are aware that the ammunition is as important as the gun itself. If the pellets chosen are of high quality, there will be much more chances that they will not leave residues or damage the internal areas of the airgun.

We always recommend that you check each pellet that you are going to introduce in the gun, that it has no malformations that may cause internal deterioration. In Gamo we are very careful with the pellets, since they are the favorite food of our star products. That is why they are manufactured in Barcelona, to supervise their quality and to ensure that they go to the market in an excellent condition.

Below you can see some of our best pellets:

5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Airguns

pro magnum xxl

5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Airguns

tomahawk xxl

5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Airguns

magnum xxl

5. Make a periodic inspection

Our experts say that in order to get into the habit of checking the gun, they introduced it at the moment before shooting. If you know that you are going to shoot with your airgun, check it carefully before using it, as it cannot be assured that it is in optimal condition. Avoid shooting with a gun in bad condition will ensure that it does not break down and that it can be intervened in time by our repair service or by a professional of your confidence.

Before shooting, pay special attention to the seals and joints, as you never know when they may need a maintenance replacement. Also observe that everything is in order, such as the technologies, the sights, the scope and all those fundamental parts for its correct functioning.

As a bonus, it is also recommended that you visit a professional on a regular frequency so that they can see with their expert eye the condition of your airgun. They will also be able to give you advice on how to further improve with maintenance and what your particular gun needs.


In summary, you don’t need to do very extensive maintenance either, it is simply a matter of getting into the habit of doing a little maintenance for a few minutes before and after using your airgun. In this way, and by following the steps above, you will be able to maintain your airguns for many years to come.

Let us know in the comments if you apply all these tips and how long a Gamo carbine has lasted for you. We read you!