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About Reloading Systems

About Reloading Systems

When deciding to purchase our first airgun -after a wide market prospecting process- most of us smartly opt for a traditional ‘break barrel’ rifle, which guarantees high levels of amusement and reliability at a really reasonable cost. This choice has very little room for discussion, as modern break barrel air rifles provide a really intense first experience into the thrilling world of airguns without compromising neither our shooting capabilities nor our pockets.

Once our purchase decision has already been made, and all we have to do is to choose our ideal caliber and power level, we suddenly discover that there is another crucial variable that we have been missing: Choosing its reloading system. ¿Should we choose a single shot rifle or a multi-shot one?

It is very common to find users – both experienced ones as well as newcomers- who are unaware of the existence of this type of carbines, and it is completely understandable. Until just two years ago, multi-shot reloading systems were exclusively used in pre-compressed air rifles (PCP), so its availability was restricted for a large number of users who, due to their purchase budget or their personal preferences, had to stick to the well-known single shot systems. It is true that ‘shot to shot’ reloading systems offer a reliable performance due to the simplicity of their mechanisms, but we must not forget about their multiple limitations when it comes to practicing time-related disciplines.

After detecting this opportunity for innovation, Gamo developed the first multi-shot reloading system ever designed for break barrel air rifles, named ’10X Quick-Shot’. Yes, you read it correctly, this system allows you to shoot up to 10 consecutive shots without touching a single pellet, and consequently, without deviating your sight from the target. This innovative system is based on a rotary loader that is capable of storing up to 10 pellets, which are automatically inserted in the chamber of the carbine as the system tilts to compress its main spring. Unlike PCP rifles, the ’10X Quick-Shot’ system does not require a bolt to insert the pellet into the chamber, simplifying the entire process and saving valuable seconds in the reloading process.

The main virtues of this revolutionary technology when it comes to practicing the most popular shooting disciplines are obvious. Gamo recommends using this technology especially when making an outdoor use of our rifle, practicing time trials -competitions in which reloading and firing speed are a guarantee of success- or even small game hunting with our rifle*

*Before using our airgun we must read, understand and respect the current legislation of the country in which we intend to develop the activity. Hunting with airguns is prohibited in countries such as Spain, and its practice is strongly sanctioned. Gamo strongly recommends making legal and regulated use of their products.