Gamo’s Black Shadow is an exceptional youth airgun.



Gamo’s Black Shadow is an exceptional youth airgun which has been equipped with a new matte black injected polymer stock, providing an outstanding comfort and integration. This eye-catching carbine incorporates the new SWA Shock Wave Absorber technology, which dampens recoil up to 74% compared to standard recoil pads, and a revolutionary fiber optic sight that provides a clear, bright and dependable picture in any light.

  • 2.4
  • Available in Cal 4.5 & 5.5
  • 14 J
  • 275 meters per second in Cal 4.5 - 212 meters per second in Cal 5.5
  • Single cocking system
  • Gamo Standard rifled steel barrel
  • Spring piston system
  • Gamo standard trigger
  • Automotive grade glass filled nylon all-weather stock
  • Non-slip texture on grip and forearm.
  • SWA Shock wave absorber
  • Manual safety and automatic cocking safety system.
  • Scope not included, multiple options available as an accessory
  • Grooved cylinder
  • Performance lead pellets & PBA Pellets
  • Information available soon