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Just ask someone to name an airgun company and chances are excellent that the first name that comes to mind will be Daisy. For over 125 years, more Americans have taken their first shot with a Daisy BB gun than any other brand. It all starts with a Daisy.

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The company is very fortunate to have been able to retain some very old board records and documents which have helped us to understand, value, and be able to preserve our history. You will like what you see.

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When you join the BSA family, you’re investing in a company with an unrivalled airgun pedigree and a worldwide reputation for quality, service and innovative design. We’re proud of that reputation and of the gunmaking heritage on which it was founded. While our history inspires us, we’re every bit as proud of our present range of products and even more excited about our future.


A leader for overall quality, Winchester air rifles are some of the best in the business. The American Legend. Find out why today.

Winchester* is a registered trademark used under a license by Daisy Outdoor Products.