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New Gamo Airgun Targets

New Gamo Airgun Targets

Plinking Target

Designed for those who want to combine paper target shooting and plinking. This metal target integrates a shooting target with pellet catcher that can hold a 14cm paper target, so attach your favourite paper target and start shooting. It also has 2 spinner targets inside the trap. It is easy to catch pellets and clean up. Use it as a training tool.

New Gamo Airgun Targets

Spinner Target

Spinner targets are by far some of the most fun targets to shoot.  They generally provide both audible and visual clues letting you know that you have hit your aim. The new GAMO Rotative metal target has an innovative twist design. It is a great way to spend time in the backyard. It’s also very challenging as It has a bigger circle (easy mode) or a smaller one (hard mode). It is all about having fun while improving your marksmanship at the same time. Both targets include high visibility target spots. Portable and easy to use, this target has a footrest that makes it easy to push into the hardest ground.

New Gamo Airgun Targets