We proudly present our new flagship air rifle, the Gamo Riser, a PCP carbine designed to conquer the most select users. Its attributes are power, velocity and silence, a Gamo PCP air rifle created on the ultra-light hybrid platform of the Arrow, maintaining the linear loading system, the multishot rotary loader and the Whisper Fusion sound suppressor, dressed this time with a spectacular wooden stock.

  • 4.5 and 5.5
  • 27J (4.5) - 40J (5.5)
  • 410 m/s (4.5) - 360 m/s (5.5)
  • 10X Multishot
  • Whisper Fusion
  • PCP
  • CAT
  • Wood
  • Yes
  • RRR
  • One magazine included, also sold separately as an accessory.