Precise, compact, and extremely effective. The new Gamo Arrow has arrived to revolutionize the competitive segment of high-performance PCP air rifles. Designed and manufactured in Europe under the most demanding Gamo quality standards.



Gamo is offering a brand new precise and lightweight engineered multi-shot PCP air rifle with the typical quality and design of the manufacturer. Gamo’s Arrow offers a straight pull bolt action which provides an ergonomic and ambidextrous reloading experience to guarantee a fast and satisfying shooting process. Designed to attract, Gamo’s Arrow follows the latest market trends in terms of price and performance, providing up to 90 shots per fill.

• Straight Pull Bolt Action
• Ten-Shot Rotary Magazine
• Whisper Fusion Sound Moderation Technology
• Modern, Compact, and Ergonomic Design
• Industry leading, lightweight Hybrid Platform
• Two Stage Adjustable Trigger (Custom Action Trigger)
• Open Sights Included
• Integrated 11mm Scope Rail
• Up to 90 Shots of Autonomy per Fill
• Available in 4,5mm (.177) and 5,5mm (.22) caliber
• 24 Joules (Both in cal 4,5mm and 5,5mm)
• Designed and manufactured in Spain by Gamo


  • Available in Cal 4.5 (.177) & Cal 5.5 (.22)
  • 24 Joules
  • 386 meters per second in Cal 4.5 - 268 meters per second in Cal 5.5
  • Multishot Cocking System (10-Shot Magazine)
  • Whisper Fusion
  • PCP Pre-charged pneumatic system
  • CAT Two stage custom action trigger
  • Automotive grade glass filled nylon all-weather stock
  • Non-slip texture on grip and forearm.
  • Gamo standard ventilated recoil pad
  • Manual safety and automatic cocking safety system
  • Scope not included, multiple options available as an accessory
  • Dovetail grooves (11mm rail)
  • Performance lead pellets & PBA Pellets
  • 101 cm
  • Autonomy (4.5mm): ±60 Shots; (5.5mm): ±80 Shots